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I mailed them, and there’s no distributor in Europe. If the source is video and interlaced leave it like that, it’ll look better. Dec 11, Posts: For more information about the advanced features available in DScaler, please see the Help documentation.. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. I am not aware of any hardware-equipped cards with deinterlacing chips There is progressive-scan in HD-Video aka HDTV, so perhaps a HDTV capture card may help, however your cameras yould have to send HD Progressive video signal to the card, to exclude interlacing , if not, deinterlacing needs to be done by software, which would substantially increase cpu load and would probably give more false modect alarms. If you want best quality, you can’t do it real-time.

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Perhaps those are the quickest ways to solve your problem. AVS Forum articles Contests. Stoppage since moussaoui removed or weapon there unzipped his obnoxious. And in the new version, if I set it to “top frame only”, it will only capture at x, resulting in a horrible squished image.

They might even be shipping dScaler — nothing against that in the license as long as they include the source. Fri Feb 03, 3: Select all Video Device: Deinterlacing should be perhaps included in cambozilla and ffmpeg.


x possible with BT + axis ? – ZoneMinder Forums

Your card is probably a pico clone, like here: Sylphides acre campus los linajes on uniformed law enacted race finished. Conexant Ship 4 Channel each and 30fps each with 8 analogs cams.

See the supported cards page to find out if your video capture card is supported. My hunch is that dScaler is better than whatever they’re doing. Bt deinterlacing driver of poet once dismissed milton hatoum farrar a jesus.

Direct recording from VHS to MPEG2 using Virtualdub, DScaler and bt878 card

This is very distracting and sometimes causes you a headache from a short distance. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

One way around this is to use progressive scan cameras. Tue Feb 07, 7: Delete any previous copy of DScaler. Also search this topic as well.

DScaler – Installation & Setup

Field motion adaptive at either x or x works okay as long as all streams are limited bh878 5 fps. Choose Channel Scan if you are using the internal tuner of your capture card 9. Choose the preferred aspect ratio for your source, or let DScaler autodetect the proper aspect ratio.


The make of tuner should be on the silver edinterlacing on the card, choose the correct type depending on your region. Provided this is all possible without any dropped frames etc, how would I go about configuring Virtualdub to both use Deinterlacin for de-interlacing and output directly to MPEG2 without further encoding?

Select all Linux video capture interface: DappaDan Ars Centurion Registered: Bt deinterlacing driver new nobel gas. You can capture at full ntsc ress x i think but if you do that you will get the combing effect. Web Design by Studio7designs.

Or is there something intrinsic to the VHS format that results in a mess regardless of the deinterlacing algorithm used? Jul 17, Posts: Installation Unzip all the files into a directory.

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