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That’s not a quirk we’ve noticed on every Windows 8 tablet we’ve tested. It’s ideal for video playback. Oftentimes, we moved too quickly after snapping a pic, and were sure the shot had been ruined; it never was. Finally, there’s a headphone jack as well as a micro USB port for charging, though you can connect other devices if you have the right cables. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

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Outdoors, though, that IPS panel and nits of brightness aren’t enough to make the screen easily viewable.

Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet – Specs, Review, Impressions

If there’s one area that Windows tablets amart failed, it’s in giving the budget-conscious shopper something worth buying. The Best Tech Gifts for Women.

Windows 8 An all-new touch friendly UI with easily accessible control bars. You see, the cover has indentations in the spots where you’re supposed to fold it; not smzrt a paper map with crease lines.

And as much as we love the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, it ain’t cheap: Brian Westover is an Analyst for the Hardware Team, reviewing laptops, desktops, and storage devices. We would, however, have liked a bit more in terms of brightness.

ASUS Original Bluetooth Keyboard TranSleeve VivoTab Smart Me C | eBay

It might not be our favorite in every respect, but it’s a compelling product in its own right, and it’s even greater when you consider the price. Take a look at that shot of the lamp with the see-through stand; we half-expected the tablet to home in on the background instead. ASUS actually didn’t go overboard with the bloatware here: Brian Westover Analyst, Hardware.


Brava’s light-powered smart oven is too expensive to make sense. Ultra thin and light With Incredible g light and 9.

A 2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with flash allow for easy video-chat and astonishing digital photography. We’d also hope that ASUS squeezes out a little more runtime on the next-gen model, especially since the keyboard doesn’t have a built-in battery of its own.

Colorful 10.1″ Windows 8 Tablet with Transleeve Keyboard and Intel CPU for Multimedia Enjoyment

The Atom-powered devices have long assu life yet lack in processor grunt – more on that shortly. When used with headphones, however, the volume is fine, and the sound quality is good, if not fantastic.

All that said, the quality itself isn’t half-bad. Microsoft Surface with Windows RT. Yes, it’s as small as you’d expect it to be, which means it’s usually a better idea to left click with a tap instead of trying to squeeze your thumb and index finger on there. It’s thin, at 9. Then there’s a front 2MP camera for video calling — the Windows 8 Skype app has been preinstalled by Asus, as have several other games and applications, including a tutorial to help you get used to using Windows 8’s gestures, including swiping in from the sides and bottom as well as how to multitask between apps.


The 5-point multi-touch display isn’t Full HD, but it’s xso it’s hardly low res. Get Our Best Stories! That price puts it on par with other tablets, but don’t expect this tablet to replace your laptop. The foldable cover can be used as a sleeve as well as a stand.

The competition We’ll just spoil the punch line right here: But even if you struggle the first time, you’re not likely to make the same mistake again.

The lightweight tablet has a polycarbonate plastic chassis, available in black, white, or red. Finally, one last thing we like about the keyboard: This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

Windows 8 People Connect all your social media accounts, with the main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts.

Like many tablets nowadays, the Asus ME has full image taking capabilities, too. That thin build of the TransBoard is flimsy enough that it bows under its own weight when you lift it by bluetoth corner.